Happy Birthday | 28

Today I am 28 years old. Wow, creeping up on the big 3-0! We are still at the beach so first on the agenda today was brunch! The Ruby Slipper Cafe did not disappoint!

Top: Gap Factory (on sale)  |Shorts: Gap Factory (on sale) | Shoes: Nordstrom | Clutch: Nordstrom | Sunglasses: Unicorn Eyewear (stay tuned for a post about receiving 20% off) | Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. | Watch: Marc Jacobs

In honor of my birthday, I am revealing 28 random facts about me that you may not know. Let me tell you… it was hard to come up with 28 facts, but I had a little help from my husband and my mom, so here we go…

1. My mom was going to name me Hogan whether I was a boy or a girl. Hogan Elizabeth or Hogan Benton.

2. I was named Hogan because it is my moms maiden name.

3.  I was born with webbed toes. No, I cannot swim better because of them. Lol. When I was three I had surgery to separate them but it was not 100% successful.

4. I had a disease in my hips when I was three years old called Legg Perthes. After healing one hip it happened to the other one. If you see me with a limp, I must be sore.

5. I’ve had a broken collar-bone, a busted ear drum, a broken ankle, a broken foot, and numerous stitches all before the age of 8 years old….not to mention the hip & toe issue above. Someone should have called DCS on my parents…kidding! Knock on wood, I hope I am done with the emergency room for a while! 😂

6. I am right-handed but I have dribbled the basketball left-handed since day one. I still miss those Church basketball days.

7. I met my best friend, Jenn, the night of my first High School Christmas Dance. In High School all my friends would come to my house to take pictures before the dance. My friend Kerry Ann and I were upstairs in my bedroom finishing getting ready when my mom yelled up, “Girls, Jenn is on her way upstairs!” I still remember looking at my Kerry Ann like “who?” Jenn and I have been best friends ever since!

8. I had braces for three years and I wear a retainer to bed every night.

9. I played on the Golf Team in high school and was scouted by a couple of colleges.

10. When I turned 16 my parents gave me a 2005 Red Mustang. Before I got my car I had told my dad I really wanted a sunroof. I did not know mustangs did not come with a sunroof so my dad had one installed for me.

Yes… I have been called a Princess a Time or two.. 😉

11. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July🇺🇸

12. I was a lifeguard all four summers of High School.

13. I was a Student Ambassador for People to People in 2007. I traveled to France, Italy, and Malta for 20 days that summer.

14. I graduated from the University of Memphis Lambuth Campus with a degree in Liberal Studies concentrating in Criminal Justice & Psychology.

15. When I went to college, I gained 20 pounds. Thankfully, I have gotten back to my pre-college weight!

16. Evan and I dated for a year while he was a Freshman in college and I was a Junior in High School 2007/2008. We got back together in the spring of 2012 and then married in 2016.

17. Evan and I are both the babies of the family. We believe that is one of the many reasons we get along so well.

18. I nannied for Kate Krull for a few years while I was in college. I was with the Krull family during some of the most trying years of their life. If you don’t know their story, please check it out and continue to pray for them,  Go Lucy Go

19. Evans grandfather died two days before our wedding. They held off on the arrangements so that we could make our honeymoon.

20. My grandmother was admitted to the hospital the day before our wedding and was not able to attend. We visited her on our way to our Rehearsal Dinner.

21. Evan and I exited our wedding to Rocky Top being played on the organ just like my parents did on their wedding day!

22. The fireworks at our reception were a complete surprise. My dad had planned them and not told anyone about it except for my uncle and the Fire Department.

23. Evan and I flew from our honeymoon in St. Lucia straight to Knoxville to catch Tennessee beat Florida for the first time in 11 years. Needless to say we had the best honeymoon we could have asked for 🙂

24. I am a licensed Notary Public.

25. I have a carrying permit.

26. Evan and I drink a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar every morning and every evening.

27. Evan and I do not eat fast food except for the occasional Chick-fil-A.

28. Evan and I attend Church at the Mt. Carmel First Presbyterian Church.

Happy Birthday to me! Hope I didn’t bore you too much! Looking forward to another blessed year!

I’ll be sharing a full post all about our beach trip once we return! Thanks for stopping by!

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