Stock The Bar | Wedding Shower

Stock The Bar | Wedding Shower

Hospitality, that’s our name and that’s been our game A LOT here lately! Evan and I hosted another party this past weekend. This time it was for our good friends, Anna Claire and Justin. We knew they had already been given a lot of other showers with gifts, so a few of us got together and decided on a, “Stock the Bar Party.” We are all looking forward to their big day in December!

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Amazon Haul | October 2018

Amazon Haul | October 2018

Amazon is one of the best things ever invented. Anything you could imagine shipped right to your door in two days (if you’re a Prime member)! Looking for a particular part to your oven? Amazon has it. Trust me, I’ve ordered it! I love shopping on Amazon and thought you might, too! Today, I am sharing my favorite recent purchases, from fashion to house hold items. These are in no particular order!


Let’s start with the dress I wore last weekend to our good friend’s wedding. I love maroon for the fall and couldn’t find a dress anywhere that suited my body type. So, I hopped on Amazon and searched “maroon dress” and found this beauty. I read the reviews to be sure of what size to order, and it fit like a glove. Being vertically challenged makes it hard for me to find dresses. I had so many compliments on my dress Saturday night.

I like to wear shawls when I go to weddings, especially during the ceremony. Maybe I’m just being respectful of the church? I don’t know, honestly, I guess I feel more comfortable covered up while sitting in a church. My shawl is actually a scarf that I have used both ways. Here is my dress styled with and without the shawl.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, my dress was $16.99comes in three other colors, and has adjustable straps! For reference, I ordered the small.



Dress: Amazon Prime | Earrings: Loft | Shawl/Scarf: Amazon Prime  (similar)

I recently bought a dress that was little too sheer, but I loved the fit. I searched Amazon for a half slip and found one in an appropriate lenght for my heighth. It was less than $10 and comes in three colors. For reference, I ordered a small.

Women’s Half Slip: Amazon Prime


ankerBefore traveling to California, I bought this super handy gadget called an Anker. It holds four full phone charges on it before needing recharged itself. It was great for the five of us girls traveling and taking pictures non stop with our phones. I have also used it traveling long distances in the car. It is ALOT faster than my car charger. I definitely recommend it for traveling, especially if you had kids. I know they love those iPads:)

Anker PowerCore

Evan recently got the iphone X and needed a case and screen protector for it. He found them both at the AT&T store for $50 each. That was a little much, so he checked Amazon. Guess what, he got both items for the price of one! He found an otterbox for less than $30 and a screen protector for less then $10!

Otterbox: Amazon Prime | Screen Protector: Amazon Prime



Another recent STEAL is this KING size, 21 inch drop, bedskirt for $33.99! (It was $19.99 when I purchased it. I will update if it goes back on sale.) After we moved in our house last July, I decided to get new bedding. We picked a paint color to go throughout the house and it just clashed with our bedding. It took awhile for me to pick out what I wanted much less purchase it. I finally added the skirt in June and couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. This picture is from the Amazon listing because I don’t want to share my bedroom with you just yet 🙂

King Size, 21 Inch Drop, Bedskirt

satinpillowcaseI have had satin pillow cases my whole life until I married and moved in with Evan. After two years of sleeping on “regular” pillow cases, I upgraded to these! I ordered two, king size, satin pillowcases for $12.99! Satin pillowcases help fight those facial sleep lines, which I use to get ALL the time on “regular” pillowcases, and help keep you cool. They wash normally with your sheets. They are so comfy, you should give them a try!

King Size Two Pack Satin Pillowcases

shoerackI have been asking Evan to add a shelf for my shoes at the end of our closet ever since we moved in. Well, a year later and still no shelf, so I decided to add this to my closet rod while I wait! I have put mostly sandals and sneakers in it. It saves me from having shoes all over the bottom of my closet! It doesn’t take up a lot of your hanging space, AND it’s under $10.

So, I am a little bit OCD… I keep the shoes I wear less frequently in the boxes they came in. For instance, high heels and pumps stay in boxes because I only wear them to weddings and for special occasions. I want to preserve them the best I can. All of those shoes in boxes are above my hanging clothes almost out of my reach! I still need that shelf, Evan!! 🙂

Hanging Shoe Organizer


Do you have a man in your life that likes to play golf?  I have found a great gift for him!

Bushnell Golf Rangefinder

If he already has a rangefinder, he needs one of these! This would be more like a stocking stuffer or add-on gift for a birthday. Click the link to see how it works. My husband LOVES his rangefinder and the attachment!

 Range Finder Latch-It Golf Cart Attachment

Would you be interested in an updated “Amazon Haul” every few months? Let me know in the comments! Also, what are you favorites from Amazon? I’d love to hear from you!