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The holidays are quickly approaching and I thought what better time to blog about southern hospitality? The holidays bring lots of guests in and out of our homes. Whether you’re hosting at your own home or helping out a family member or friend, it is important to be hospitable. Southern hospitality is simply being friendly and making your guests feel welcome. I am going to list a few ways to show that southern hospitality this holiday season and all year round!

Preparing for Guests

Several things need to be done before entertaining guests in your home. Of course, having a clean and tidy home is one of them. No one wants to see all your junk mail in a pile on your kitchen counter. Tip: hide it if you don’t have time to go through it. I know you have a junk drawer in your home, doesn’t everyone? Also, being clean and tidy includes your bathroom. If you do not have time to clean anything else in your home, your bathroom needs to be the priority. Always have extra toilet paper available in plain sight to your guests as well. You don’t want your guests searching through your cabinets if you run out. Be sure to have a clean hand towel available as well.

If you’re expecting overnight guests, it’s nice to have fresh sheets for the guest bedroom and a lamp on. Make sure you have towels and toiletries for them as well. My upstairs bathroom has a dish full of travel size toiletries for my guests. You can find everything from shampoo to floss in that dish! It wouldn’t hurt to have a breakfast casserole prepared for the morning too! 🙂


It is very important to greet your guests as they walk in the door. If you’re expecting family only, you don’t necessarily have to do this but, I would recommend it. Welcome each guest warmly and offer to take their coat/purse for them. Be sure to tell them where you are putting their belongings if you take them. If they are bringing items such as food or gifts to your home, you should offer to help them with it. If you’re hosting a shower for someone, you and your fellow hostess’ should take turns “manning” the front door. It is customary for the guest of honor to stand and greet everyone as they enter the party/shower, but not required of course.


Be sure to turn on all of your lamps and cabinet lighting. Your front door/porch should be well lit also. Having candles and lanterns on your front porch wouldn’t hurt either. You want to make sure that the guests know which house to go to and it makes it more welcoming! You want everything to be pleasing to the eye, which includes your food placement and centerpiece. Having a floral arrangement in the middle of your table or island is ideal. Having your serving dishes placed at different heights makes for a pretty display as well. Add a few tea lights and you are set!


As a host, you should let the guests know what beverages you have to offer and tell them where they can be found. Let them know to help themselves if you wish. When serving alcohol, you should always have non-alcoholic beverages available as well, such as water and tea. Collect your guests empty cups/plates/etc when you see that they are finished.


I want to give credit where it is due. I have been raised by the most amazing southern women and I have to say that they have helped mold me into who I am today. I only wish I could have spent more time with the one whom I feel as though made a huge impression. My grandmother, Nonnie, was by far one of the most amazing southern ladies. I have definitely inherited her love of finer things such as china, crystal, and antiques. If you knew my Nonnie, you would agree with me! Of course, my mother is a true southern gem as well. You can always count on her to welcome anyone into her home with loving arms. Between my mom and Ms. Gwinn (and I can’t forget Ms. Geraldine), I have learned from the best! My granny, too, always taught me to make my bed every morning because, “You never know who might come over!” All of these ladies have inspired me to carry on the tradition of southern hospitality!

Keep in mind..

Keep in mind this is all a matter of opinion and a recommendation for a wildly successful occasion. Please comment if you have any additional recommendations. I am always up for criticism as well!


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