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Locals, have you seen the new adorable booth inside Old Town Hall? Non-locals, have you seen me share this awesome page on instagram? If you have not been to see her booth or followed her on instagram, you are seriously missing out! My friend, Will, has picked one of the most talented and genuine people I know to marry and I couldn’t be happier for either of them! Chelsea has an eye for interior design and beautiful taste in all things home decor. Not only does she carry home decor and accessories, she also carries a fabulous pajama brand, PJ Harlow.

YALL! These satin pajamas are heavenly! They come in so many different variations-shorts, pants, capris, gowns, robes, razor back tops, spaghetti strap tops… you name it! Not to mention, several different colors to choose from too! I chose the blush pink color in shorts and a tank top! Check out these beauties!

Pajama Top: PJ Harlow | Pajama Bottoms: PJ Harlow

They are now in store at Old Town Hall on the square in Covington at the Birdie Designs booth! Are you interested in buying some but not a local? Send her a message on Instagram and I know she will hook you up! If you’re not following her, show her some love and give her a follow now: birdie_designs


Pajama Top: PJ Harlow | Pajama Bottoms: PJ Harlow | Pillow: Overstock | Chair: Overstock  | Book: Urban Outfitters | Nail Polish: Sally Beauty


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